Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Dalhias or sea anemones?

The oldest and I picked a big armload of dalhias today. They are just about the only thing still blooming.

Too big for a vase I had him cut all of the stems very short and we floated them in water.  They look like sea anemones and he really wanted to float them all upside down in his aquarium.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Here they are with dinner.  I made walleye with a lemon and mustard cream sauce and mashed potatoes.  The fact that dinner looked like penises when plated is purely accidental.  I thought dinner was just ok but the husband really liked it.  The kids had those tuna salad packs from Aldi which are really quite good.  After dinner we all did a 2 mile walk on the rails to trail trail.  Coupled with the 2 miles the baby and I did this morning I am beat and ready for early bedtime.


  1. Just googled walleye, I've never heard of it. Love the dahlia's, you have a good mix of flower heads.

  2. Oh! I should have said it's an inland fish my dad caught on a charter boat.