Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tiny water pond

Today I dismantled the little water pond out on the porch.  This was such a fun project that brought me a lot of joy over the summer.  The big pink waterlilly and the variegated cattail will go to a friend with a pond, along with the goldfish.  They are too large to bring back inside with the little fish tank we have.  Also goldfish are so much more work, dirty-ness wise, than other fish.  But they are pretty.

Mickaroo the Beta is moving back indoors. It's getting too cold for him outside at night.

Both the little catfish apparently died over the summer as they were nowhere to be found.  I did pot up the miniature waterlilly and am going to try to keep it alive in the aquarium over the winter.  We'll do this project again in the spring. It was so much fun to have a little "pond" to look at.

Here is what the cattail look like.

The youngest has totally given up crawling and is very fast on his little feet.  A fun thing has happened this week in that he is starting to realize that some things have more "value" than others.  Like playing this game tonight he could not be distracted away from wanting the important playing pieces that everyone else had.  I remember when this happened with the oldest, I had taken us to the park to forage acorns and he quickly caught onto what the trip was about and would toddle around to find the acorns and give them to me, very pleased with himself.  It was adorable. It's like evolution designed these little people to be able to actively help with gathering as soon as they are able to walk.  A fun thing to think about.


  1. They grow up so quickly, our youngest daughter always wanted to do the same as her older sister.

  2. I'm totally intrigued by the water garden! Do you have more details on it? I'm thinking that might be a nice addition to the fishing lodge next year....

  3. My parents had a small fish pond that had become overgrown. I just pulled some plants from it, potted them in pots and sunk them in the barrel. Besides adding fresh water and feeding the fish it mostly took care of itself. I don't expect the plants to survive freezing in such a shallow container and the fish will need new homes as well. But it was such a fun, easy project.