Saturday, May 25, 2019

A new kind of bird?

Spotted in the birdbath around lunch time.

A new type of catbird, latin name Elyseus Fattypantsus. I have no idea how she got there, she must weigh over 15 lbs. It's her new drinking fountain.

The bird and butterfly garden is 90% complete, I just have to finish shaping the right hand corner of the bed/plant the parsley there and sun flowers in the back left corner.  I imported some milkweed yesterday and put that little blue pot out, hoping a toad will move in eventually. 

That bright blue streak is Bernie our Indigo Bunting. I should also get around to picking up all of the sod I stripped off and left laying around but haven't yet because he and the other birds have been taking the dried grasses out of the piles for nesting material.  Also, laziness.


  1. We are told here not yo keep a tidy garden, leave things for the wildlife, it's a good excuse to use.