Monday, July 17, 2017

What's this antique apple?

Can anyone tell me what kind of apple we have? Our house was build in the mid-1930's and this tree is part of a planted line of apple trees that also includes Transparents and McIntosh. It is starting to ripen and comes about a month earlier than anything else on the property. My son and I basically had them for dinner tonight while outside.

 Flavor is a bit tart now but will get more "Red Delicious-like" the more ripe they get. The yellow will get a little lighter but keep the pink/red stripes. Any ideas?

We live in a part of PA that Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) actually came through back in the day, isn't that neat? Not saying he had anything to do with my mystery apple but it's fun to dream.

Small, but we don't spray or prune.

More red/pink at the blossom end.

Ate part of this but it shows the colors well.


  1. My husband thinks a Red Streak

    1. Thank you for the lead. Most of the pictures on google don't look like they have enough striping but Malus Red Streak is about right. Excited to see it's considered a cider apple!

  2. I'd say not red streak as that is a late season cider apple, so I doubt it would be ready now and I doubt it would taste nice (although I've not tried one so I don't know for sure).
    I'm struggling with it though. Look up Laxton's Epicure or Gladstone. Or maybe Ellisons Orange, although my books show that far more stripy than the web does. Delcorf even?

    1. Unfortunately it still just does not look like anything I've seen a picture of. It's much more ornate looking. Have no idea where to go from here but would really like to solve this mystery.