Monday, July 10, 2017

Self portrait with goose, naming dinner

Never thought I'd post pictures of myself on this little blog. Guess I'm coming out of the coop, so to speak. But some things are too fun to pass up, amiright?

Not eatin' this one, promise. Not at the moment anyway.

This is the female Super African goose of my sexed pair purchased this spring with my  Metzer's order. I haven't named either of them because I'm in charge of both the  butchering and the mercy killin' for this little family and so just don't name our birds. 

Exceptions being Nigel and my beloved Mr. Rooster.  Mr. Rooster was a pet and Nigel will be too if he plays his cards right.

But this isn't a petting zoo. Everyone has a purpose and sometimes that purpose is dinner. Then there are predator attacks like we had this week to contend with.  

The geese aren't pets although they sure are tame through no effort on my part.  Sure, I know that will change with breeding season but here's hoping - both that they have babies and don't try to kill me in the spring.

Anyone name their poultry or animals? Even though they usually don't die of old age?


  1. Yes. Each animal here has a name (I have horses, sheep, cats, and a LGD). It is easier to talk about a particular animal if it has a name (instead of a number).....even if the name just ends up being "so-and-so's ram lamb".

    This year, I have a "Christmas Dinner", "Lamb Chops", and "Roast" (the ram lambs). Among the ewe lambs, I have a "Princess Anna", "Princess Black", and "Crystal". The hardest part is not repeating a name, even when there are 12+ breeding ewes, and the lambs temporarily triple that number.

  2. You made me laugh so hard with this. LOVE the names! Lambs are SO cute and, unfortunately, so delicious. What kind do you raise?

    1. Yes, lambs are cute! I love to watch them jump straight up, and race around the pasture. It is also exciting to see what colors they are when they are born. Katahdins can be just about any color or pattern.

      I raise Katahdins. They are a meat breed that sheds every spring (like dogs). I have put 10 head into my own freezer so far. However, I have run out, and am looking forward to enjoying some freshly grilled chops sometime this fall.

  3. No name here. Haven't named anything since I was a child.
    Nice to see a picture of you, I didn't realise you were so good looking!

    1. Oh that's hilarious. Never considered myself good looking but didn't mean to give the impression I was a total hag. Maybe it's all my talk about butchering, boozing and being middle-aged? Hahaha!