Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my little man who turned two this weekend. Two. I can't believe it. Officially no longer my little baby. "Two" is an age that comes with responsibilities ("Please go turn on the air conditioner" and "Where are mama's glasses? Can you find them?" ) and unreasonable demands (Do NOT eat that after the cat has licked it!"). I was super excited for the day to start and so sad when it was over.  Being that he was all jacked up on homemade lemonade and cake, he didn't fall asleep until 11 that night.

The cake. It's a box mix that I fancied up (milk instead of water, butter instead of oil). Split into two layers, there was vanilla pudding, bananas and strawberries in the middle. Wrote his name on it after I took the picture. The little guy had five small pieces by the time the day was over. Five.

Let all of the balloons loose in the living room to greet him in the morning.

Bought a bunch of small toys for the yard and all the kids wanted to do was dig in the garden. Seriously. It was sweet.

Birthday tepee.

His favorite gifts seem to include a Peppa Pig dollhouse and baths toys, a drum kit and a dinosaur that lights up and makes a noise like Godzilla when you press a button.

We are so very lucky and grateful. These have been the best two years of my life.