Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Vintage camping kitchen / chuck box

Look what I bought at the thrift store today! A vintage camping kitchen! I didn't know this was even a "thing" but once I started looking, they're all over the Internet.  The idea being that everything you need for your camp cooking is organized in one portable box.  We've always used Rubbermaid tubs, but it seems like the one item you need (like the can opener) is always waay at the bottom of one of the tubs.  Which tub? Good question. I have three.

So I saw this yesterday but didn't buy it right off because it was expensive (for me) to justify at $40. I came home and went out to the Metzendorf to confirm that, NO, there is hardly any storage in it at all.

Those drawers you see are very tiny in reality, the bottom two aren't even functional and kitchen stuff would have taken up all of them plus some. I have no interest in cooking inside the camper so I would have to go back and forth for each item I needed.  Also, I thought that when we picnic at the lake we could take it. So I slept on it overnight and we went back first thing this morning.  It came with a bunch of vintage camping gear that I'll try to sell to offset the cost.

Closed and ready to go.  That larger bottom loop actually holds a roll of paper towels.

It came with the brochures!

I'm going to re-paint it, either Coleman green or a beautiful very pale blue color that I'll eventually paint the camper kitchen (already have a gallon of it I bought as a mis-tint for $5).

I'd also like to put a piece of laminate down on the inside of the prep surface for easy cleanup. And I have a bottle opener that will be added to the side.

Hurry up, summer!


  1. That's amazing, I didn't realise such things existed! We use a large plastic crate, which lacks charm somewhat. I'm tempted to try and make something similar.

  2. I had never heard of this either! Isn't that funny? It's a great idea. I think having everything organized and in one spot will give us a good " excuse" to grab the box and cook dinner at the park or lake.
    I've got it painted and will post when I'm done. Going to modify it a bit too.

  3. I know this is an old post. But you wouldn't happen to have more images of that brochure do you? I just picked on of this up from a yardsale and want to restore it.

    1. No, sorry, that's all the information it came with. Good luck with yours, we love this!

  4. Oh wow! This is nearly identical to the one I grew up with, camping with my dad in the 70s and 80s. I don't ever remember NOT camping with it, so my folks must have gotten it in the late 60s. I always thought my dad built it, and was actually looking for plans when I came across this. What a great memory of him!