Sunday, February 26, 2017

Memorial flannel pillows

After my grandfather died I pulled some of his clothing out of the bags destined for the goodwill. Not much but two of his jackets that I'll wear to work outdoors and a couple of his old, threadbare flannel shirts.  These are what I remember him in.  He wore these constantly and the cuffs and hems on them were frayed.  I thought to make pillows out of them to put into the camper. I think it would please him that a small part of his memory will be out there exploring the wilderness with my family.   For now they are sitting on our sofa.

Fronts of the pillows.  That floral one - not my grandfather's - that came from Ikea :)

The backs.  I made them "envelope" style so the covers can be taken off and washed easily.  I like the stripes.  The fronts and backs are backed with interfacing to make them more durable. Not a seamstress by any means but I am very proud of how these turned out.


  1. What a great idea ! Wish I had thought of it when my grandfather died.

  2. Thank you both :) They do make me happy to look at.