Thursday, February 9, 2017

I ordered geese - let's celebrate!

(Image from the Metzer website)

I ordered my dream geese from Metzer Farms this week.  I'm going to consider this my inheritance from my grandfather and I think it would please him to no end that I decided to get livestock in his name and that these geese and ducks will feed my family for years to come.

Ducks, you say?  More ducks? Yeah.  That's where I got into trouble.  All hatcheries have minimum orders.  Metzer will ship as few as 2 or 4 birds, but it will cost you additional shipping charges to keep a smaller number of birds safe and warm  in transit.  When I calculated my order I realized that to add 6 ducks would only cost me an additional $10 since I would now be above the "small order" upcharge..  So I did.  "Order it up" my husband said.  Who wouldn't?  I picked out some lovely ones.

Here is what I ordered.  They arrive April 24th.  This is my first order from Metzer but they have an excellent reputation for their waterfowl.

1 sexed pair Super Africa Geese
2 Super African Geese, straight run
2 blue runner ducks, straight run (I love my runner ducks, they lay an egg a day - every single day - in season)
2 black Swedish ducks, straight run
2 jumbo pekin ducks, straight run

The plan is to keep a a breeding pair (or trio) of geese and put one (or two, if male) in the freezer.

Any runner or Swedish ladies will get to join the flock and make eggs for years.  Any drakes (plus both pekins) will go into the freezer.

I have a very large doghouse coming from the farm that will house the geese.  There are plans in the works for a poultry barn vs the coops I currently have.

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