Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mid-week update

It's been a doozy since I've last posted.

During this time:

We sat down to three Thanksgivings with family.

My great aunt passed away suddenly.  There was a viewing and a mass. It's really sad and I'm glad I took the little guy to visit when we had the chance.

Our little guy has a terrible cold.

Happened to look in his mouth yesterday and found three teeth popping out. Felt like a real winner as a parent for not noticing sooner.

I missed opening day of deer season to stay home with him. That's fine. My chances of seeing a deer, let alone a legal buck and successfully shooting it = snowball's chance in hell so I don't think I missed much.

Now I'm sick and my husband is sneezing too.

I hope this ship turns around soon.


  1. With three kids under five someone always has a cold and passes it in to everyone else in our house!
    Sorry to hear about your great aunt.I don't think I have ever met any relatives that far back as we're quite spread out.
    What do you shoot the deer with? Does your husband shoot as well? I've found a good source of venison now, do you cure any or smoke any?

  2. Kev, I don't know how parents of multiple kiddos do it. It's overwhelming with just one! No my husband doesn't hunt but we fish together. I'm learning to hunt from my dad who is an expert outdoorsman. It's illegal for any wild (read: state owned) fish or game to be bought or sold here (except snapping turtle oddly) so if you want to cook it you have to go get it. I really envy that you can buy it! It's a treat for us. We like to dry age the deer for about three weeks before butchering and freezing, it's just delicious. We had a ham cured in the past and I've tried making prosciutto.