Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I opened an Etsy shop

I have a deep love for finding treasures.  Unexpected things that are just so beautiful that they for whatever reason that they can't be passed up.  Thrift store, auctions, yard sales - I love the thrill of the hunt.  I'm looking for things that are not necessarily valuable in a monetary sense, but that are unique and have a story to tell.

I started selling on Ebay many months ago and found that my love for this was really something more  than just simple selling  or "flipping" - what I thrive on is the idea of taking something beautiful and matching it with someone who will really love it.  Like a personal shopper, but for vintage and unusual items.  So, I opened an Etsy store today.

I'm starting with a handful of postcards that I bought at a local re-sale shop.  They are all of the same family around Pittsburgh, PA and are posed scenes of fishing and camping.  I held a few back to frame up but the rest are going to new homes.  They're too amazing not to share.

This one is handwritten "Aunte Gerte" on the back.

The same woman?  She's lovely.  I'm guessing these postcards were photographed in the 1920's?

Expect to see more postcards, vintage feedsacks and linens, quilts and so on.  Whatever I can't pass up saving.


  1. LOVE that pic of Aunt Gerte. She looks like one lady not to mess with. Now I'm off to take a look see at your Etsy shop. I've been thinking of doing the same thing myself.

  2. Isn't she fantastic? I am still working out how titles and "tags" for items work with Etsy listings. It really seems a bit of a chore to get your items found in search results. We'll see

  3. I sell on etsy as well and find it a good way to sell occasional things. I've mainly sold wooden potting trays that I make so far. I think I've sold about nine of them.

    1. What?! Have you figures out the tags/titles system? Ok, I'm going to try to come find you on Etsy...


  5. Etsy is a great place to sell these beautiful found treasures. Etsy shoppers - more so than auction bargain hunters - are in tune with the value of these types of items and are therefore willing to pay what the items are worth. These vintage finds are also right on-trend so they should do well there. Please keep them coming.

    Lindsey @ Nosto