Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving preps & first snow

The little man and I just returned from grocery/booze shopping in preparation for Thanksgiving. There really wasn't that much to buy and I forgot my list at home anyway so it was a short trip.

We did all of our grocery shopping at the local Aldi's and managed to buy about 90% of what we needed organic.  Thanks Aldi's!  They even had organic flour this week so I got 10 lbs for bread making.  On the way to pack our groceries we passed a group of Amish women who had just checked out.  Around here the Amish buy their milk, eggs, bread and frozen french fries at the big box store like everyone else.  These ladies were buying tubs of non-dairy "dessert whip", canned pumpkin, lots of bread and..... an entire case of pre-made gravy.

Gravy.  I don't know why this was the "what the hell" thing for me but there you have it.  I feel sad when I see people buying junk like this because it is so easy to have something so much better.  I wanted to say "LADIES.... when you take the bird out of the oven... all that stuff in the bottom of the pan... that's where gravy comes from. Your gravy is already half done! I mean, you know that right? Right??" 

Yeah.  Well...

Moving on...

This is where pie comes from.

Ok, now I'm finished.  Promise.  That was a really good squash for pies by the way.  Musquee de provence in case you want to grow it.

I want to remember for next year that we got our first snow this weekend. About 4 inches.  It seems like a lot to get in November here, but it happened.  I put more straw down in the poultry yards today and reinforced the duck ark with three bales to give them a more sheltered place.  Which most likely they won't use having come equipped with their own little down jackets and layers of fat.  But I'll feel better knowing they have it if they need it.

Happy Thanksgiving. 

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  1. I feel kind of gutted about that. I thought that the Amish were the last people that did everything "right". Also surprised you guys have Aldi's over there, do you have Lidl as well?