Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Honey harvest, garlic planting & a vote

This weekend my uncle and I helped my dad harvest the honey off of the family hives.  The bad news is that a very bad season has only left him with two hives to go into winter.  Ironically this is the same number we started the season with, before some wild swarms were caught and hived.  The good news is that it looks like we ended up with about 80 lbs of honey harvested.  I mostly use it for baking and spreading on toast.

We spent an evening uncapping and spinning out the frames.  The honey will settle in buckets for a couple of days before being bottled.

We also had a very warm day yesterday where the little man fell asleep in his car seat while we were running errands.  I set it in the shade and used the unexpected free time to plant my garlic and do some more cleaning up of the flower beds.  Planted 3 bulbs of garlic between the fence and the wine bottles I used to mark the end of that bed.  

Took the little man with me to vote today.  I held him up so he could watch as I voted and when I hit the vote button he said "Yish!" which is his "yes!".  "Yes, we voted!" I told him and then we high-fived.  No idea what the outcome of this election is going to be but at least I registered my opinion.


  1. Never been a fan of honey but I'm facinated by the process. Got my second bed of garlic in yesterday in my boys nap time as well!

  2. Not a fan of honey?! It's like a liquid miracle. I love bees and appreciate their hard work. A spoonful of it when baking makes homemade bread stay fresh much longer - if it doesn't get eaten right away. Hope your garlic goes well !