Friday, December 2, 2016

What's this chicken?

Ok, usually I'm not too bad at sexing birds but I really thought the black and white barred one was going to be a hen.   Now I'm thinking rooster.  I don't really see any saddle feathers but do those look like hackle feathers?  And wow is that a long tail... or maybe I'm a just poor judge because the chicks hatched here from our eggs are all easter egger/cochin crosses and have really round butts.   

Will we be eating eggs or coq au vin?


  1. No good asking me. I always get it wrong. Wait until it crows, then you'll know!

  2. It's absolutely a rooster. We were eating breakfast yesterday and heard a noise outside like a chicken being strangled. It was this guy, learning to crow. I was really hoping for another hen but oh well.