Monday, December 5, 2016

A seed order & winter squash jambalaya

My big seed order for the year came today.  I didn't need much to fill in the gaps in my seed inventory  All of these came from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, which is a fantastic company I've ordered from for years. Thousands of heirloom choices, great service and $3.50 flat rate shipping. Here's what I got:

Some alpine strawberries and this packet of orach.  We've never eaten orach so this I'm excited to grow it.  Looks beautiful too.

Tomato seeds. Plum lemon and striped roman are old favorites, prolific and very good for canning. Indigo apple doesn't produce quite so much but is absolutely lovely to look at. I've always had very good luck with heirloom tomatoes. This Pink Bumblebee cherry type is new for me this year and got great reviews.

I bought some tall nasturtiums because I want to make one of those flowering tepees out in the garden. This mix is supposed to get up to 10 foot vines.  Hopefully it will be a nice shaded place for my little guy to hang out while I work.

Some cucumbers for fresh eating.  Baker Creek always includes free seed packets with every order (seriously - even if you only order one packet they still send you a freebie) and they sent me two.  The carrot I'm excited to try but anyone want these cabbage seeds? We don't eat cabbage. The back of the packet says that Brunswick was introduced in 1924 and is a "large drumhead cabbage, very cold-hardy". Honestly, I happily will put these in the mail if someone will plant them, just send me an e-mail

We had a really good dinner tonight that I want to remember to do again.  A box of jambalaya type rice, shredded chicken from the hen I cooked yesterday, a little sausage and shrimp.  Then I added a ton of butternut squash and squeezed a couple of oranges over it. A good dinner for a cold and overcast day.


  1. I need to do my seed order but there's no way I'll be as restrained as you!
    How can you not like cabbage!!?? It's kept whole nations of european's alive in hard times. That said I am useless at growing it and there is so many other interesting things to grow. I like the idea of the climbing nasturtium. This year I grew mashua which is related and grew everywhere but didn't flower, so no where near as do get to eat the tubers which are said to surpress male sex drive, I think maybe I could do with eating a bit!

  2. Cabbage - ick! Sorry, no thanks. I looked mashua - wow is it beautiful! I'm going to try to find some. Had to laugh, I think that's the first time I've ever heard of a plant that's supposed to supress male sex drive. Suprised men haven't gotten rid of it all!