Wednesday, July 20, 2016

That's a lot of vinegar

I bottled our apple cider vinegar yesterday.  We make a ton of cider every fall and I let about a gallon and a half set out on the counter way too long... then longer... then, who cares because it was sitting there for months anyway and I stopped thinking "I need to do something about that" when I saw it.   Yesterday was the day. I ran some of my old "not canning" jars and lids through the dishwasher and got the bottles and a funnel out.

Isn't it pretty? This is about half of it.

I saved the "mother" in two of the jars so I can start another batch sometime.  I totally poked at it - it feels firm like a gummy candy. 

It tastes super good, not harsh at all, and has a lot of apple flavor.  I think one of the jugs that I left out was made from Golden Delicious apples but I'm not sure. I'll use it in things like potato salad and homemade dressings.  This was a very happy accident.

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