Friday, July 8, 2016

Creativity spillover - quilting

I think taking the time to write and use the creative part of my brain is starting to spill over into other areas.  I have had no urge to craft for a long, long time.  I think to anyone who knows me this is understandable considering everything my family went through with my mom's illness and passing.  Then I had a baby.  I probably can't blame it all on stress because my mom was kinda famous for getting craft projects 3/4 of the way done and then moving on to something else.  So it may just be something I inherited, like my freckles or hair color. LOL.  Anyway, I've been feeling the energy lately to tackle some things that have been gathering dust. 

First up, the little man's I spy quilt.  An I spy quilt is made of up novelty prints, and you use one of each object.  The quilt can then be used as a toy or learning tool, i.e. "how many birds do you see?" "let's find something purple"  "Where's the airplane?"  I'd been collecting I spy fabrics for about 8 years and wanted to make one for him.   But I couldn't decide on which fabrics to omit, and of course I kept seeing more prints I liked... SO eventually I just cut squares, sewed them together and ended up with this.

The idea was to add a solid border to calm it down.  But then I piled more fabrics into it and it turned into a hot mess.  A busy, hot mess.

I hated it.  It sat there for awhile, like months.  Then I came across this quilt in a Google search:

Well, that looked nice.  The borders really gave your eyes a place to rest in between the prints.  (BTW, I cannot find the website this picture was originally taken from.  Google says Pinterest but I can't find it on Pinterest to give the maker credit. I apologize for this.)

I have lots of blue fabrics, so I got out my seam ripper and took the top apart.  Then I got started again today while little man was napping.

That's much, much better and I think I can finish the quilt now.  

Camper update: none.  I haven't tried the soda thing yet because it's rained every day since I posted it so the camper is tarped.  To be continued.


  1. This is such a good idea for a 'busy' quilt, and one that I shall file away for future reference.

  2. I hope it works out Vera, I really want to finish it!