Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Feedsacks for sale! And some other stuff.

We really need to downsize some things.  For years I collected things that, while still lovely, I've just kind of grown away from.  So the house is full of things that are not quite loved as much as they should be.  It's time for them to move on.  I've made it my goal to list these things for sale each Tuesday and Thursday.  These are on Ebay currently:

Some vintage feedsacks.  I collected so many of these, and have already sold some off.  

This one is really fun

And this one was hand-hemmed into a tablecloth at some point. 

It pains me so badly to sell this victorian coverlet.  I found this at a thrift store and literally gasped when I saw it - probably late 1800's, handstitched, and mostly made of silk.  It was one of those thrifting finds you throw yourself at at then clutch to your chest the whole way to the checkout.  This is so, so badly damaged though.  The silks have just come apart because they are old and the old dyes & materials just don't last.  I can't bring myself to do anything with it so I'm passing it on.  I kinda wanna cry just looking at this picture. Really, though, it's so damaged it's totally un-usable. 

I'm also going to list these old architectural pillars on Craigslist.  The abandoned property we bought off of the County - these were in the building that we're having demolished.  They're awesome but they are also HEAVY. I really hope someone can use them - like in a garden somehow?

Little chubs for scale.  I think he may have a new family! 

Coming up this week: apple cider vinegar, free poultry treats and new ducklings.  Stay tuned...

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