Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Shasta first look - interior

Here are some pictures of the interior of the Shasta.  I haven't done anything except throw out the trash and wash the curtains.

Kitchenette.  Hi water damage, nice to meet you. The more I look the more damage I see. :(
 One of the curtains is folded up on the counter along with a couple of cool pitchers I found while cleaning.  Yellow towel holder is hideous and be replaced with a chrome one I have.

 Original propane stove and light.  Oven looks like it's never been used.  These are coming out and I'm thinking of a hinged bench to store shoes by the door.  I don't want to cook inside. I do that everyday at home.

Hey, icebox, where did you go?  This whole cubby is so screwed up from water damage.  You can see there the thin base actually sunk into depression (literally and figuratively) because I left that tiny shop vac sitting on it overnight.  I have no idea what to do here. We don't need more storage, a new icebox is expensive and the ones I've seen are kinda ugly besides.  Maybe salvage one?  My father actually suggested I rig this up to hold a mini keg.  Ha. 

Moving on to the closet area.  Someone added an old car radio here (Ford), which I think is brilliant.  This heater is coming out.  I don't want to have to deal with propane and I have a small electric one from my old office we can use if we need heat. 

Inside the closet AKA our new bathroom.  I so did not want a bathroom but I think with a small child it's probably something I'll be glad for.  I think if the heater is removed, and the space where the icebox used to be is bumped back a couple of inches ( obviously I need to replace it anyway) that will give us a good space for a camping toilet and a couple of shelves here.  Right now it's where I stuck my work tools and cleaning supplies.

Table folds down and dinette benches slide out to make a bed.  The benches are either in really awesome shape or someone re-built them. I love the fabric and hope it washes up so I can re-use it.  Zippers need replaced.  Bunk is in the "up" position here.  There's water coming in the corner behind the far bench.

Bunk in the "down' position.  There's a random bunk bed ladder in our shed, so it might get painted up for this purpose. 

Vent?  What happened to you?

Let's end on a bright note.  No one was more amazed than I when I plugged the camper in and the original lights all worked.  Finally, something goes right!


  1. This looks like a very do-able project, and I look forward to seeing your progress. We lived in a caravan for five years when we came to live in France. Our house was a ruin when we arrived, with no roof, no electrics, and no dry space. The barns were the same. We were glad to get rid of the caravan when the house did reach a decent state of habitation, feeling that we had had enough of camping outside, but we possibly might get a camper van later on, once the smallholding is more efficient. It would be nice to explore our local regions, and Spain is only two hours drive away.

  2. I’m glad to hear you think it looks repairable! Is a caravan like a camper? That must have been a grand adventure. I’d imagine you’d learn to make good use of every tiny space and spend a lot of time outdoors too. If you have any advice on my project, please feel free to share!