Thursday, August 20, 2020

Another waiting post

31 weeks? Turned sideways,  I look like an elephant.  A pregnant elephant.  
So here we are, waiting for a scan. It's nice to have some quiet time. It's been a nice week. My husband has started teaching again and the oldest absolutely cannot wait to go to kindergarten next week. He is SO excited. We somehow need to, I don't know, give a crash course in Catholicism over the next couple of days. He has no clue, I was raised Catholic but religion isn't talked about around the house and it's a conversation we have no idea how to start. It would be much easier for me to explain how this baby in my tummy got there and how he's getting  out.

This conversation happened this morning. I immediately texted my sister:

My sister and I found this hilarious.  My husband did too although he was trying to be the mature one.

What else this week....

The book The Devil All The Time came in the mail and I started it. It is so, so well written. I've finished the first section with Williard, Charlotte and Arvin and am taking a break before I keep reading. It's a noir novel and the violence doesn't bother me but, oh boy, the suffering of these characters.  The way it's written this section also feels like it could have been a complete short story so I'm eager to see where Arvin goes from here. 

The oldest and I (and Elyse) spent another night in the camper. I'm glad I didn't read this out in the camper. 

Bee never joins us out in the camper. She prefers to sleep in the mulch. I don't get it.

Tomatoes are coming on enough that I made a tomato pie this week. It was delicious and we devoured half of it before I took a picture. The leftovers didn't make it through the next day. 

I did manage to can 2 jelly jars while making the pie. This was a doable way of getting it done since I was in the kitchen anyway.

The neighbors shared some zucchini with us and the kids and I made this bread. It's a winner.

We didn't have instant coffee but that was ok. They baked at 350. The pan of tiny ones took maybe 12 minutes? The mini loaves maybe 15. Everyone loves this bread. We currently have a big glut of yellow crookneck squash in the refrigerator.  Surely I can make this bread with those too? It would be nice to freeze these for lunches.

I've been waiting on the doctor forever, looking at food pictures and now am starving so here are some pictures of flowers and chickens.😂

I hope this is done soon. Maybe I'll sneak into the fabric store before going home.


  1. I used your chocolate zucchini bread recipe but I made muffins since I do not have any mini bread pans anymore. I did add extra chocolate chips. I love them but Tom said they were almost too chocolatey, whatever that means. The post including them is at

    1. Lol. I didn't know something could be "too chocolatey ". They do kind of taste like cake.