Tuesday, August 4, 2020

July journal, books

Here is my tracking for July. What I'm starting to notice is that if I'm low on fruits, or veggies or water it's usually disapointing across the board. These are the days when we've not been home, or have been really busy or have ordered food in. Food in days are the worst as far as a decent diet is concerned.  Remembering  to take my medications has gotten much easier with the addition of a pill box. Unless I've been too lazy to take it upstairs to fill, as you can see happened at the end of the month.

Postcrossing has been a wonderful distraction, I knew there were a lot of cards coming and going but was suprised by the numbers for the month. I look forward to getting the mail now.

Reading has been excellent.  I never took the time for myself to read before tracking, and missed it.

Here are the books read in July. Yes, The Midwife's Apprentice is a young reader book. I read it one night while the oldest and I slept out and it was delightful.  Karen Cushman also wrote Catherine Called Birdy, another book about a young girl growing up in medieval times.  I love that story and was looking forward to this one, it had been sitting on a shelf waiting for years. 

Starting August with this book, I've read it several times already. It should be a quick read while waiting for this book to come in the mail:

An Appalachian noir story that I may or may not have purchased because Robert Pattinson looks smokin' hot in the promotional photos for the movie adaptation.

Currently waiting in my Doctor's office, after this on to the shoe store for the oldest, perhaps TJ Maxx for myself (I like the soap bars). Then lunch?

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