Monday, July 15, 2019

Welcome Popcorn! Our new rooster

A big welcome to Popcorn, our new rooster.

It was high time to bring in another Roo. I missed the crowning and the ladies have been... um... throwing themselves at my feet lately.  Which is both awkward and a little horrifying for me and continually disappointing for them.  So we were on the search for a handsome gentleman.

 My dad knows a lady who takes in unwanted farm critters as pets so today we went over to shop for a new Rooster.  She said he was the friendliest of the bunch.  I was smitten by his good looks and promised to return him to her if he didn't work out. 

The oldest and I named him Popcorn. He's gorgeous.  We were told his dad was a Leghorn and his mom a Buff Orpington, although I wonder if maybe the hen was a Rhode Island Red.

He was brought home and installed in a pen out in the poultry yard so everyone can see and smell each other.  Only one chicken has objected; the oldest hen of the group, and even she seemed to simmer down after a bit.  I'll go out tonight after dark and put him up on the roost with the hens and we'll see.  He came from a barnyard with a ton of other roosters and here he will be the only gentleman with a big, adoring group of hennies to follow him around.  I hope it works out.


  1. Wow- he is gorgeous!!! What a lucky rooster!

  2. He is a very handsome fellow! I hope everyone gets along well in the morning. -Jenn

  3. He is beautiful, your lads are so lucky to have livestock in their home.

  4. WOW. Thanks everyone! He seems to be getting his footing here. Oldest hen still hates him but she has a baby in tow so she might change her mind. It looks good!