Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Birthday, first steps and pizzas

The smallest of us celebrated his first birthday on Monday.  It feels like he was just born yesterday, the grand prize at the end of a pregnancy that seemed to last 400 weeks.  

 But now he's a year old. Saying some words: Mamama, Da, Bye-bye-bye, Ka (cat) Ilk (milk), his name and the new favorite Uh-Oh.  He's even taken his first tiny stumbling steps this week. 

We had a tiny party and celebrated Monday by ourselves - the big party will be on Saturday. 

What a bunch of happy, easy babies.

Because it's been about 80+ degrees every day we've been spending a lot of time outside; playing with water under the shade of the canopy.

We did make pizzas under the broiler because it was too stinking hot to grill.

The one at the lower left was my favorite: piled high with shredded Swiss chard, kale, asparagus and corn.  We'll absolutely make it again.

Lucky and blessed enough to have brunch with friends on Saturday and a dinner with out of town friends tonight. 


  1. A year old! How wonderful. I remember my daughters first birthday, she wore a ruffled red dress, later this month she'll be 39. it goes very, very fast. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Happy birthday little man, pizzas look yummy.