Saturday, July 20, 2019

Outfoxing the fox & Hank Shaw's skirt steak tacos.

First I want to say that it was a very, very good morning for me.  Let's just say the red fox will not be causing our birds any more trouble.  It is such a relief.  I think the geese and chickens all gave each other high-fives and clapped when they saw me coming back around the front of the pen.  After all of the bird deaths here it seemed like Christmas morning.

We did not eat the fox.  It did probably taste like chicken at this point. 

Last night we had Hank Shaw's Great Skirt Steak Tacos.  I've never cooked a skirt steak before and hardly ever marinade anything.  This was marinated in soy sauce, spices and beer.  It was so fragrant it really seemed a shame to throw the marinade out when it came time to cook the dish.

It's served simply with queso fresco and cilantro.  The cooked corn is just corn, chicken fat, some stock, butter and salt/pepper/sugar.  It was a fun dinner to assemble and eat with your hands.  If we were going to have this with company I would want to remember that I'd need to prepare 2 of the steaks - the cuts are large but very thin.  I guess these come from the inside of the rib cage.  Hanks says it works with elk or caribou.  I can't imagine a deer large enough around here to get that cut off of, but here's hoping.

Well, things are looking up.  That's for sure. 


  1. I'm glad you sorted the fox, pesky animal.

  2. I’m sorry you are/were having such a hard time! I hope you’ve found the only culprit and that your birds won’t be harassed anymore! That steak sounds wonderful! And here’s a warm welcome to Popcorn!

  3. Thank you everyone. I hate dealing with things like this but my birds don't enjoy being killed either.