Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Shooting day

What a fun afternoon. I've reconnected with a wonderful woman I knew high school. We have a ton in common; homesteading, hunting, fishing.  She invited me out target shooting at the club I grew up at. It was awesome.  Absolutely awesome.  I got the chance to become comfortable with my 22 and I can't overstate how much easier it is to learn something new in the comfort of a group of women. 

My first grouping. It got better.

I literally grew up at this club. My father was the caretaker here in the 80's and we lived in a trailer on the property. I have many, many fond memories of learning to ride my bike in the indoor range, stocking the soda machines and running free on the property. It was not unusual for my mom to kick me outside with my little sister to run in the fields with the instructions "if anyone drives up to shoot on the outdoor range, come back to the house." I learned a healthy respect for firearms.  I remember where all the wild strawberries are on the property along with the four leaf clovers.

That orange velvet chair has been there forever.

I sent my dad this text. 

Which is hilarious. 

This would actually make a really cool quilt block.

My groupings by the end.  My scope needs adjusted because they're all consistently low to the target but I'm pretty proud.

Turns out you can go home again, for a membership fee. 


  1. My dad was never interested in hunting or shooting but I used to go with my uncle and soon got my own guns. I'd love a club to be near me like this as I'd imagine it would be quite good fun to do target shooting with others. My shooting is normally on my own, although a friend comes over with his air rifle sometimes.

  2. Unusual place to grow up though! I bet it was fun at times. You must not flinch when a shot is fired!

    1. It was a wonderful place to grow up. Actually, I think it made me MUCH more aware of the responsibility of holding a firearm.