Friday, March 22, 2019

Haha... oops

My husband upon seeing the box: "That had better be fried chicken".

Um, no. Oops. It's spring again at Tractor Supply. And Chick Days are here!
Chick Days = I should just be banned from the damn store for the next month. 


I won't say this was totally unplanned. Most of our birds are solid orange which doesn't exactly spark joy as a grouping.  I'd like to see a more colorful flock in the yard. Also, my ranger hens are aging to the point where their laying has decreased significantly. For us all to sit down to scrambled eggs for breakfast we need 7 or 8 eggs... plus the baby is starting solids.  Pasta, baking, sweet breads... They all add up. Do we need more eggs? Probably not. Is it nice to have them out there everyday? Yep, it sure is. 

Plus! Bantams are tiny so I figure three of them for every full sized chicken? Oh, chicken math.

Here's the new crew so far*

I think these are all Millie Fleur booted bantams. I was planning on hatching some of my own but that rooster is the devil. I am actually afraid of the little bastard and my son is not allowed in the chicken yard currently. I don't want to breed from a rooster like that. He's getting the ax. Then possibly taxidermied. Hopefully one of these babies will be a roo with a better attitude. 

I think this is a porcelain booted bantam which are a lovely light grey. With my luck it will probably be another rooster. 

Two white silkies and one that is blue? Buff? Silkies have black meat and bones and look like vampire chickens. At least one of these is going to be Halloween party dinner.

Here are some standard chickens: Buff Orpington pullet, Barred Rock pulled and 2 Black Australorps (one looks like a roo already)

These two... Buff Brahma bantams? Buff Cochin bantams? Hmmm....

Here they are complaining. Not as loudly as they did when I walked into yoga today with box full of peeps. There was no time to take them home first so into the library with me they came. They were fussed over by the ladies.  I covered the box with my jacket to calm them and we planked and
pigeon-ed to the sound of peeping. 

Spring is here!

* So far... am I done? Maybe. I reserve the right to impulse buy some ducks and any blue or fancy chickens. I'll work out the details later.

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  1. It's years since I had chickens, I loved to get home from work and let them out, sat watching them with a mug of tea was bliss.