Sunday, March 3, 2019

A sick week

It's been a bummer of a week.  We're all still recovering from being sick. Lots of laying around, coughing and kleenex.  Cabin fever.  Ugh.  If I hear the phrase "My nose is running!" one more time I might throw myself out a window.

How sweet is this little hat.  It came from the dollar store of all places.

We did have one warm day when we all bundled up and went to the park as no one could stand being cooped up in the house one minute longer.

I think that was Friday.  I drove into town that day and walked a mile to yoga, when I got there I just laid on my mat for awhile, coughing.  On the walk back I stopped at the food pantry to donate a bag of diapers that the youngest has outgrown.  I don't think you can buy diapers with food stamps and I'm sure there's some baby's butt in this town that can use them.  For some reason it looked like someone had donated an entire case of avocados and another one of fennel.  I wonder if anyone that works there suggests recipes to the people coming in.  I mean, what the hell do you do with 50 avocados?   I also talked to one of the ladies working there about donating some vegetables this summer.  It would be nice to make growing for the food pantry a regular thing to do with the oldest.

The oldest: he who brought this plague back from preschool.  Here we are planting about 50 paw paw seeds in a 8 inch pot.

His favorite book is Disney's Davy Crockett.  He has the whole thing memorized and for some reason especially loves the line about "joining General Andy Jackson's army". We built a little log cabin from a kit one afternoon.  It was a lot of fun and he did a great job.

The chicken coops got cleaned out today. I hacked the whole time and needed a nap when I was done.  There are 6 goose eggs and a bunch of green Easter Egger eggs in the incubator.  The heating element went nuts today and they may have gotten cooked. Literally.  I'll candle them on Wednesday and hope for the best until them.

Tomorrow morning (well I guess today as it's now almost 3 a.m.) brunch with friends and Tuesday shooting at the range to look forward to.


  1. I hope you are all feeling better soon, your walk sounded fun. We are in today as it is raining heavy and very windy. So my sewing machine is coming out to play.

    1. Can't wait to see your sewing. My own machine has been gathering dust for about 3 years. I really do need to make curtains for the camper though.

  2. Theres a grwat food writter over here who gives the portion for everyone who buys a recipe book to donate one to a food bank at the same time. All her recipes are low cost and a lot used tinned ingredients.

    1. I'm going to be asking you about this. I think a perfect position for for me would be assisting people in making meals like this.