Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sick gander

Well, it's always something.  I noticed Friday night that my oldest gander was acting funny.  Quiet, with his neck extended and trembling slightly. Staring intently. The patriarch of the group, I thought something had happened in the yard to put him on high alert; a fox or raccoon out early.

Yeah, well, no.  We weren't really home yesterday and I didn't get out there to check on them.  This morning when I went out he was sitting down. Which I've caught him doing maybe all of once.

He doesn't want to walk. He will, but trembles like he's drunk and then sits down again as soon as he can.  He is clumsy, tripping over vegetation and knocking into things.  Shit.

I scattered some corn around this morning,  parade-candy style. He ate a bit.

This is how he is sitting.  Wings ever so slightly fluffed.

He ate some grass, some corn. I saw him drink.

I remembered that ducks (ducklings especially) have higher nacin needs and a deficiency presents as leg trouble.  So I got into the first aid kit and made a cocktail of ground niacin and electrolytes.  Caught him, pried his bill open and carefully got about 10 ml into him orally.  Took the chance to check him over while I was straddling him: no obvious injuries,  regular range of motion,  no weight loss..  If he got into and ate something I would think the other geese would have the same symptoms. 

  Replaced all water in the run with fresh electrolyte/niacin spiked mix which will harm no one. 

We'll see how things go. Dang it anyway. 


  1. Everything crossed for you, he looks a superb bird.

  2. Poultry is one of those, they're either alive and well or their not. Hope it gets better for you!

  3. Thanks everyone! He's much better but not 100% yet.

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