Monday, September 10, 2018

The fair & Best in Show Eggs

The little local fair has come and gone.  Like every other year, it rained on Friday and Saturday evening but we still had a great time.  Sadly we even had to miss the parade due to rain (the kids all went to an indoor playground instead).

The baby and I went on Thursday to check out our entries and then my husband and I took both of the kids on Friday evening.  The little man took his first pony ride (adorable) we had had some good food and I won lots of ribbons. 

Best in Show eggs.  Again.  My chickens and I: that's how we roll.  The baby admires our success from the carrier.  

Banana butter = first place ribbon.

Eating Fair food without dropping any on the baby.  This was a chicken Philly cheese steak sandwich, add mushrooms.  It was amazingly good.  I can see us making this at home.

Quail eggs - First place.  No one else entered.  Oh well.

All told, I won about $55 in prize monies - which equals about 350 lbs. chicken scratch at the local feed mill.  Or a pair of purebred geese.  We'll see. 

Either way, it's money in for the backyard farm fund.  We have big plans for spring.


These aren't ours but dang aren't they cute.  Tiny pumpkins painted up as doughnuts.  I think the little man and I will try doing this next year.


Three lovely ladies eating hay.

These wonderful girls - and who's that in the background? The little man, my husband and my mother in law.  The dairy barn had a great elevated "sandbox" filled with corn with lots of toy tractors to push around.  It would be fun to have one of these at our house.

Another year, another "tiny farm party" come and gone.  Rural life, ain't it wonderful?

Here's a post about the 2016 Fair and the 2017 Fair with the baking contest.


  1. Congratulations on your wins, it's always nice to come 1st, and the prize money going to the farm fund is great. Our youngest grandson Will loves tractors, we know a couple local places where we can go so he can play on them.