Thursday, September 13, 2018

Cake; or "the problem with knowing where food comes from"

My three year old woke up this morning yelling "Mama, I want chocolate cake!" I told him that we didn't have any.  To which he replied "MAMA! We make it!"

Sigh.  Well, yeah, that's where cake comes from - the kitchen.  And it's always available.

We made a chocolate sour cream cake, or rather he did mostly.   It was a joint effort.

He put all of the cake ingredients in the mixer, same with the frosting.  Then added the sprinkles on top.

Really, who can argue with that?

We did a half batch of this recipe, more or less.  Didn't follow directions, just added wet to dry.

Getting the last bits of the melted chocolate and butter out of the pan.  The smallest apprentice looks on.

This is the frosting we made but we ended up adding about twice the powdered sugar.

It was a really nice treat.


  1. I love it you bake together, my grandson Will is 18 months and still a bit small for baking with Nanna, but next year he will be in the kitchen with me. I have never made a recipe with cups as measures, I do have a set of cups, but never used them.

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