Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Well, the gander has improved slowly over the last few days with a vitamin/electrolyte/probiotic added to his drinking water every day. And because it's been raining so much and there are puddles everywhere I've been putting it all of the puddles for good measure. He seems 90% back to normal. Here's hoping.

Geese grazing. Bee plotting and planning.

Now that the gander is back on his feet, literally,  Bee must have thought I needed something else to concern myself with.  We are having friends over tonight for dinner so before picking the little man up from my dad's I put a stick of butter out to soften for bread. 

This is what we came home to. I swear some of the coffee is missing too.

Enough missing butter to strike fear into any pet owner's heart. So Bee is outside until further notice. 

Speaking of Bee, she's been on a winning streak this week bringing home a chipmunk and at least 3 voles. Those are the bodies that I've found anyway.  Just before stepping or nearly stepping on them. Ew.

Animal, gotta love them.


  1. Glad the gander has improved, love the photo of Bee with them, as for the butter opps!

  2. Bee is a tiny cat who mostly refuses cat food, preferring instead any and all people food.
    Thing is, I didn't find any part of the butter wrapper. Apparently she ate that too.

  3. Glad to hear the gander is better. That's a pretty big chunk out of the butter (lol)!

    1. I'm so happy about the gander.
      Cats: well... Bee stayed outside until we we were sure that she had um, *ahem* passed the butter and wrappers in whatever manner she saw fit. The plus side is that her fur is really shiny now.
      I love my kitties. Obviously :(