Monday, September 17, 2018

Jamie Oliver Maryland Chicken

Tonight's dinner was prompted by two separate facts: 1) a bunch of bananas on the counter that wasn't  getting any fresher and 2) The package of organic chicken breasts pleading "not fajitas again, please".

I've made this dish before and we really like it.  It's out of the Jamie's Dinners book. You cut a pocket into each chicken breast and stuff half a banana into it.  Nestle the chicken into a bed of white beans and corn.  Pour white wine and half & half on top. Add bacon, grind some pepper over top and into the oven with it.  Really quick and simple.

We didn't have any wine in the house so I used half a bottle of lager.  Figuring that would make it taste more "earthy" I expanded on it with a bunch of mushrooms and thyme.

My sister and I inherited a bunch of this cast iron enameled cookware from my mother - I think it's called Dru? She loved the "sea foam green" color and had many pieces.  It's wonderful for going from stovetop to oven and then into the refrigerator.  Cast iron pots and skillets are such work horses in the kitchen. 

Dinner was a fun treat.  There's plenty of the corn/bean mix left over and I think that will be my lunch tomorrow, with an egg poached into it.


  1. It's always nice to cook something different, here we are creatures of habit and eat the same dishes time and time again.

  2. Banana's in chicken?! I never would have thought of it, although I love plums with beef so why not? That dish looked yummy and subbing the lager in for the wine? Brilliant!

  3. Marlene - You are so right, it's easy to fall into a rut with cooking :(
    Donna - I know, it sounds crazy, right? It's not something you would want every day but it's really easy and yummy.