Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Signs of spring indoors

Little signs of spring are starting to creep into the house.  A very sweet friend gave me some daffodil bulbs awhile back.  They were sprouting and ready to be forced in the house but our one free (sunny-ish) window was being taken up by the winter amaryllis so I waited to plant them.  They've been cooling in the crisper drawer and today I put some gravel in this little pot and added the bulbs and a little water, like you would force a hyacinth.  I hope they're OK without soil. A funny story about this little bowl.  There was an elderly woman having a yard sale at the antique shop she used to run (it hasn't been open for, I don't know, maybe 15 years) and she was downsizing her things.  On the surface that probably sounds depressing however I've been to many "yard sales" run by elderly women "downsizing" their things and more often then not it seems like a chance to just show off their stuff, which may or may not actually be for sale, and tell you all about how rare and awesome all their things are.  Possibly it might be an attempt to humor their kids, I don't know.  I remember one porch sale in particular where the woman "running" the sale was in her late 80's, tanning in a lawn chair and drinking something that strongly resembled a cocktail.  I think I bought a potholder there because everything else was a "valuable antique" she "couldn't possibly sell".  This antiques store sale was sort of like that but I did buy the bowl, only after hearing about how rare and valuable it was because it was signed by the artist (which it may be, if you squint REAL hard).  After that sales pitch I think she charged me $5 for it.  I love it.

I've been trying to work through the pile of squash in the kitchen, if nothing else to cook them down and get them in the freezer.  Guess what I found when I cut this one open today?

Sprouts.  The seeds were growing inside the squash.  Occasionally this will happen and it I think it's really funny when it does.  Like they just can't wait for spring.  Well, sorry seeds, the chickens are going to get you tomorrow.

What else?  Potatoes are chitting all over the place.  That's an actual term, seriously.  All of the potatoes in storage are sprouting.

We are getting enough eggs to justify getting out these little ceramic trays I got at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago.  They're so pretty, oh I love them.  Both the trays and the eggs.

With all of this joy going on inside the house of course we are projected to get a winter storm tomorrow morning.  But I feel like we've turned a corner.