Thursday, February 15, 2018

Planting potatoes

It's about 50 degrees so we grabbed our shovels and planted potatoes today. This little bucket had been sitting in the basement and all of the potatoes had sprouted.  Besides the redskins on top all of the potatoes were really tiny. They include some Yukon Golds and a bunch of fingerlings. We planted a patch to the left of the garlic and another one to the right of the parsley. 

To heck with proper spacing, planting depth, blah blah. We just dug holes, chucked them in and stomped the wet dirt back in place. This kid is long overdue for a pair of proper muck boots.

The potatoes may rot before spring or they may grow. Either way, they weren't going to last in the house and we had a great, muddy time of it.


  1. Whether they grow or not, that one on one time in the garden was extremely "productive". As far as depth goes I don't think potatoes much care as long as they have dirt beneath and above.

    1. We had a great time. I guess I'm hoping they're deep enough in case we get more hard freezes.