Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who's the baby daddy?

I don't think I've show pictures of these two as adults.  They were hatched in the incubator in mid-July.

The permanent adult duck census around here includes 2 runner hens, 1 pekin hen and 1 pekin drake.  That's plenty to keep year-round.  During the spring and summer we're getting three eggs a day, every day from the hens.  The yolks are higher in fat content than chicken eggs and they are excellent for making homemade noodles and baking.  Also, just eating scrambled too.   It's also a good number of adults to ensure that we have some ducks in the freezer every year.  I like roast duck and the fat is absolutely amazing on any kind of root vegetable.

From their posture, I think it's safe to say that mom was a runner duck in both cases.  The father could have been either my pekin drake or it also could have been the mallard was coming to the yard every day for shameful duck humping.

Really, really hoping that the colorful one is a hen. I'm pretty smitten with that one.

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