Monday, September 19, 2016

Spiderwebs in the garden

For whatever reason it's a super misty morning here.  The little man and I were eating breakfast and saw these out the window so we decided to take a walk and investigate. We didn't see the owners of any of these beautiful homes, so I don't know what kind of spiders made them. That's ok. Spiders fall into two categories for me: "cute daddy long legs" and "hell, no". I'm guessing these were probably made by the latter.

On the bird feeder stand.

The asparagus patch was prime spider real estate.

My little man makes a grab. 

The dogwood tree. I just noticed there are two webs here.

These were such a lovely surprise this morning.


  1. I love them on a frosty morning, like minature sculptures.

  2. I love those cobweb photo's. Have you noticed cobwebs when they are covered in frost. They look magical

  3. They're really beautiful. It was a real treat yesterday.