Thursday, September 22, 2016

More dahlias

More pictures of dahlias before they get killed by frost.  Because I dig up the tubers, store them over the winter and re-plant them in the spring I thought it would be useful to document some of the ones I have. So in the spring I don't, um.... accidentally buy any more than I need to or something. Because gardeners sometimes do that, am I right?

Dahlias and a Bee butt.  These flowers are some of my favorites.

Growing in the garden.

Love the orange and white ones too.  

I don't remember buying that yellow one.  At all. 

Last year I had a ton of the large "diner plate" sized flowers but they either didn't make it through storage or I planted them too late.  Dahlias are so lovely and normally so easy.  They bloom for months and seem to thrive on neglect.  I'm thinking next year part of the garden might be devoted to a big row of them just for cutting.  

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  1. Good Afternoon to you, I am sorry, but I could not use your name, because I couldn't find it on your blog.
    I think dahlias are such a pretty flower... and they come in all colours. Some are rich fibrant colours and others are dainty pastel colours. Each with their own beauty.
    Best Wishes to you.