Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let's enter the fair!

Today is entry day into the little local agricultural fair in our area, the Jamestown Fair.   It's a fair that seems to get a little smaller each year and I wonder sadly if this isn't the trend all over? When we were little, my mom made my sister and I enter crafts into the fair so we could earn spending money.  I still try to enter items into the fair each year because the idea of the fair is dearly important to me and if no one enters, there is no fair.  That plus, of course, bragging rights.

So I can remember what I have to pick up on Saturday, this is what I entered:

Eggs - blue/green eggs, quail eggs

Veg - patty pan squash, potatoes, herbs & this potato under "freak vegetable".   If you can look at this fingerling without snorting, you are a more mature person than I.

Some flowers.

Some canned goods; jams, jellies, tomatoes and homemade apple cider vinegar.

Husband was at work and I couldn't find another pair of adult hands to help me so little man and I loaded the car and headed off to the fair.  We loaded up his wagon with the our entries and a friend's hot peppers.  I don't know what the people at Step2 had in mind but this wagon is pressed into agricultural service more often than not.

I strapped all 22 lbs of little man into the baby carrier on my chest, put a hat on his head and away we went.  We got all of our stuff entered and took a little look around.  There wasn't much to see but we were there around lunch time and it gets really, really busy after people get out of work for the day.

Look at this!

That's the thing about the fair.  I think other people enter because it's deeply important to them too. That massive squash, delivered on a pallet, was tended to all summer in preparation for this day.  Then somehow it was delivered to the school gym.  I just checked the fair book and the maximum premium that could be won for all of this work is $4.00 for "largest winter squash".

All done. Judging is tomorrow morning and doors open at 6:00.  Here's hoping for a blue ribbon!


  1. Each year I say I'm going to enter and never do. Really should make the effort next year it always looks good fun.

  2. Kev, it's so much fun and good for the community! I can't wait to get my son started when he's a bit older.

  3. I love country fairs. I like to enter loads of different categories at our local one with a view to inspiring other people. I really enjoy sharing ideas and learning from the other entries. The competition between one another is always good natured in the craft tent.