Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Days in pictures

An odd free moment spent dorking around with one of my vintage typewriters.

Space party at the local library.

Historic rains one day last week. We had downpour for hours and there is a river running down the driveway.

Visiting with a chinchilla at Agway.   We were told that this little thing is so used to customers and treats that he rushes to greet people.

We were at Agway buying a beta fish and supplies for this:

The tackiest fish tank ever.  Yes, there is a snail named Gary.

Found a small garter snake in the garden.  We put it back after watching it and holding it.  My husband says we have a very big milk snake living by the garage but I haven't seen it yet.

Bee brought home a young flying squirrel one day.  We had no idea they were even on the property. 

Peas and rhubarb.  The garden is looking fantastic this year. 

So are all of the plantings on the porch.

I found a really nice sundress at the resale shop downtown.  It lets me pretend that I'm Kate Winslet in a movies set in the 1950's, perhaps Wonder Wheel with a little less crazy.  OK, on second thought maybe not Wonder Wheel. 

There was a birthday with rum cake.

And the little one has started to take a little shaky step to get from one place to another.


  1. So much fun at your home, you have two lucky little boys.

  2. Lovely pictures and looks like you're going to have a lovely summer. I love the picture of the children on the porch, I'd love a big porch like that to sit on!