Saturday, January 5, 2019

Goodbye hammock

Hammock and I in better days; here we are camping at Cook Forrest.

I love my hammock.  It was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and at first it stayed in the camper only to be brought out on special occasions.  But, let's be honest, isn't every day I'm alive a special occasion?  It is.  So I set it up between a couple of pear trees and every day, every single day (baring rain) I swing in it after I close up coops.

Out back in the old orchard.

Until last night anyway.  It finally happened.  After leaving my beloved hammock out in all types of weather since spring.... it died.  Dramatically. I extended it to swing, jumped in, let go and promptly fell THROUGH it. 

Poor thing.  

Luckily my backside is padded enough that there were no major injuries when this happened but I caught the flabby underside of my upper arm as I fell (all women over the age of 30 will understand what I'm talking about here) and so am getting a big bruise.  

It could have been worse.  I'm glad it didn't die when the baby and I were swinging.

Or Bee and I.  Or the oldest.  Who loves the hammock as much as I do.  

Anyway, we need a replacement and quick.  I had plenty of time to think upon this last night.  Woke up at 2 a.m. and decided to try to sleep in my own bed instead of  on the couch.  Moved the oldest into his own bed and the baby into the crib.  At which point all hell broke loose, the baby crying This is not where I sleep! and the oldest half awake and demanding a milkshake.  So I was wide awake after I made him a frozen banana smoothie and checked Amazon.  Happily, new hammock can be had for less than $30.  Or, I could upgrade to one with a mosquito net over top of it (it looks like a big pea shell) for $40.  This would allow me (at some point?) to sleep outside.  Decisions, decisions.  For now my sore self is going to have a glass of wine, take another aspirin and ponder my choices.