Friday, January 25, 2019

Flowers, books and 2019 planning

The amaryllis are starting to bloom.  This big double white one is my favorite.  It was a surprise as when I bought it on clearance last winter it was marked as being a plain, pink single blossom (like the one below).  But it obviously isn't and is just spectacular. 

Here are the three that are blooming now.  We also have some dark red ones in the living room that have buds but haven't opened yet.  Amaryllis are so beautiful in the dead of winter.  

Yesterday I set up my little breeding group of booted bantams in a coop to segregate them for hatching eggs next month.  One of the doors on that coop lifts up and outward and when I opened it this morning it slipped in my snowy glove and cracked me right on the bridge of the nose.  There was actual crying and the bridge of my nose is swollen and painful but no black eyes, thank goodness.  I did skip yoga on account of a blazing headache.  

The baby has gotten his first tiny tooth this week and figured out how to motor around in his little wheeled saucer.  The oldest is loving some new books.

Aunt Bee babysits while laundry is folded.

We had a 3 a.m. Peppa Pig party in the middle of the night.

Homemade chicken noodle soup tonight.  Home made noodles and flatbread.

Really trying to be more constructive with my free time.  I've done some reading this month.

I loved The Commitment, it was touching and insightful and hilariously written.  The Kid was a really interesting look into the world of surrogacy and adoption.  I got The Kid off of Ebay and it turned out to be autographed.

I really enjoyed this.  Can't remember if I finished it in December or early this month. I'll re-read it.

Starting to plan ahead for the Spring and Summer.  Hoping to be more productive around here than we were last year as far as the property goes.  I'm going to TSC tomorrow to buy another pre-fab chicken coop so I can segregate my breeding group of Easter Eggers.  The coop is on clearance, plus I have a discount coupon and a $15 offer which means the price will be about $235 instead of $499.  The idea is to be able to sell a couple batches of chicks this year: the bantams, Easter Eggers and African goslings.  Plus hatching eggs from these groups.  In this way I hope to offset my feed costs for the year, which are estimated at about $240.

We have two ancient Maple trees in the side yard that I'd like to try tapping this spring.  Food grade buckets can be had from bakeries for a dollar or so and I'll start looking at large pans for evaporating at the thrift stores.  In this way I hope to set up the project for under $30.  If we enjoy it them we'll spring for the nice galvanized pails next year.  This guide at The Art of Doing Stuff is really helpful.  Has anyone made maple syrup at home?

It would be nice to have a hive of bees on the property again.  Part of the garden could be used for buckwheat forage.

The seed order is starting to come together.

I really hope to work smarter instead of harder this year.  I'll post more about homestead plans as they come together.  We'll see how it goes.


  1. It's great to have plans, I did so much differently last year, but our soil is heavy clay, so much failed, waste of money. I will only require a couple of things this spring, mainly plants, I will get them from out local market. Baby is growing up fast.

    1. You grow most of your vegetables in pots, right? It seems like you have success that way. There's nothing more frustrating than having a vegetable crop totally fail, it happens here just about every year with squash due to beetles