Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Crazy weather

It's been an odd sort of non-winter around here this year. It's been really warm. I've seen a robin already. The poultry are acting *ahem* like it's spring. We were all enjoying it until yesterday when we had a tornado warning that sent us to the basement, TWO hailstorms and a thunderstorm complete  with lightning.  


The sky was both stormy grey and sunny blue, often at the same time.

We all did get to enjoy the afternoon. There were muddy puddles to jump in.

I guess there was an actual tornado not too far from us. In January! 

One of us decided to give up and spend the day napping.

Bee's nap didn't last long.  Elyse, poor thing, somehow got shut in the garage and we didn't find her until late last night.  Some extra cat treats helped her get over the insult.  We went for a little drive in the evening to get peroxide to whiten my goose skull that I picked up from the taxidermist and the oldest got a couple of tiny goldfish for his aquarium.

It was nearly 60 degrees yesterday. Overnight the temperature fell and now it is 28 with snow on the ground. I did go to yoga (drove, didn't walk) and that was nice. Pot pie for dinner and I think it's going to be an early night, maybe with a book.


  1. Our winter is just as strange, today here in the south of GB, it's colder than the north of Scotland, how crazy. It's dry here, we could do with some rain, but we live in one of the driest parts of England. I can't imagine having a tornado warning.

  2. Cold and snowy here. Blizzard like. So happy my hubby is doing the chores this evening. We too had 60 degree weather recently, then rain and now igloos decorate the yard. All of it though, makes spring that much sweeter.