Saturday, January 19, 2019

Going Gently postcard & snow

John over at Going Gently is having a post card contest. This was my entry mailed off today under the "animals" category. He's already received a couple of good, saucy ones competing for the "gay men" title so I won't even attempt to make one.  Postage to Wales was $1.25 and is an amazing treat. So excited to send a card to a person I've enjoyed reading for years. I feel like blogging is the new "pen pal" way of doing things and it delights me to read about someone's daily life in a place far away.

In other news, the oldest and I made a snow T-Rex outside today.

And took several rides around the yard in the sled.

We are forecasted to get a large amount of snow this weekend. I'd like to think we're ready for it; today I roasted a chicken and vegetables, baked a cake and a loaf of bread. Not sure how that makes a difference but I feel better about it anyway. It seems like every time we are forecast to get mountains of snow we only get an inch or two. At least meals are taken care of. 


  1. No snow here, but lovely rain which we need. I have a postcard to send as well.

  2. Oh the post cards sound fun. I love johns blog, he makes me chuckle frequently!

    1. Kev, I'd love to send your family a card some time. Going to shoot you an email today :)

  3. I haven't had it yet but can't wait to see it xx