Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thrift store finds Tuesday

I buy very little "new" here. The vast majority of what you see comes from estate sales, auctions, flea markets or thrift stores. It's fun to hunt for treasures and when we are talking about vintage things, frankly I think they were often designed and constructed better than what you can find now.

It was a treat that I was able to go to our little local thrift store twice this week. This is what I found.

Vintage Fisher Price barn, $2.00

It's in fantastic shape and "moos" when you open the barn doors. The sides are made of wood and fixed with tiny nails. I think we all know I really bought this for myself but the little man loves it. He immediately took it outside and filled the hayloft with sticks and the barn with rocks. 

Books. 25c each. The backhoe book is now a favorite along with, surprisingly, the Kermit Clean Up book.

Children's clothes, 25c each. I buy ahead for the little man when I find fun things and they get stored in bins until he grows into them. The little camping onesie for the baby is too cute. For the short amount of time they fit into things it seems really unnecessary to buy this stuff new.

Ok, this is ugly. BUT I think it's going to look fantastic once it's painted. It will hang in the camper, right inside the door.  A great place to hang our keys and store campground maps. Look at the tiny corkboard! It's perfect

Lots of fun stuff for under $10 total. Plus I feel good shopping at this store because all of the profits support things like our local food pantry.

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