Monday, March 26, 2018

Anyone remember summer?

It's been pretty nice outside the last couple of days, warm and sunny enough to be outside.  Summer still seems a world away but we're slowly getting there.  Remember when there was this much color in the world?

I can't believe my garden looked like this.  It's a mud pit right now. God, what we take for granted.

Fresh tomatoes! Remember what those taste like?

The praying mantis must have had a good summer.  There are egg cases all over our property.

Hey, fatties.  Look how happy they are in the orchard.


Dang, look how happy I was in the orchard.



  1. I ache for summer, this time last year my garden was in full bloom, today it is recovering after two separate snow falls. Love the colour coming from your post. Bee and Purdy could be sisters, Purdy is a good mouser, she was a stray for the 1st year of her life.

  2. I love that we have winters like this to make the summers seem so much more precious. I love spring as well and the long evenings that go with it.

  3. I am so wanting some dry sunny days! I don't usually get the Winter Blues, but I have definitely had them this year. I just don't want that horrible humidity we seem to get in the Summer's now... ( I am not this high maintenance usually - honest )

  4. Marlene: That's so sweet about Purdy and Bee. I've heard them called "cow cats" which is just adorable.
    Kev: I know, me too. We wouldn't appreciate it if we didn't miss it half the year.
    Debdor: Ugh! It wasn't too bad here last summer, but I hear you. That's the worst. Yuck.