Friday, December 29, 2017

The great clean up

This is the first day we've had in about a week with no Holiday plans.  It's been wonderful spending so much time with friends and family but the house is an absolute wreck. Every possible surface is covered in toys, pine needles, bits of wrapping paper or food crumbs.  It's making my skin crawl, honestly.  Time to get the broom out and sweep everything out the front door.

The little man was blessed with piles of new toys with each toy containing approximately 3,561 pieces.  Train sets, Legos, puzzles.  Mostly it is all laying on the living room floor.  Santa brought him a tot sized ride-on digger with a scoop arm and he's been moving the little piles around, which is cute and occupies him for hours.  But we need to figure out how to organize it all.

The refrigerator needs cleaned out.  Need to find something to do with the 5 lbs of cheese leftover from the holidays along with a huge bowl of citrus fruit.  A lot of the leftovers got fed to the chickens this morning including some breakfast casseroles from Christmas day. 

I want to remember that I made this baked French Toast casserole.  Served with maple syrup everyone loved it.  Basically a glorified bread pudding with a cinnamon crumb topping. I'm not sure it's necessary to use sourdough bread like the recipe recommends. Any store bought loaf with a good texture would probably do. The chickens only got crumbs of this one.  

Time to freshen up the house and ourselves and get ready for a new year.

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