Friday, December 1, 2017

The goings on

It's been a bit of a non-eventful week. Which is good because I've been a little out of sorts and sleeping at every oppertunity. Nothing terrible, just exhausted all the time.

We had one really nice day where the temperature was in the 50's. We went to the park.

Photo taken moments before he tripped and split his chin open. Poor thing, it was awful.

I cooked something fun. We get a nice "what to make this week" type e-mail from the New York Times on the weekends. It had an interesting looking recipe for roasted tofu and butternut squash with a spicy sweet glaze. My husband and I loved it.

The sheet I roasted it on nearly caught on fire from the honey glaze. It ended up in the trash bin. 

We need to start thinking about Christmas. I should make a list today and get shopping; gifts have been bought for my sister's two littles but that's it.  Hopefully I will finish the play kitchen I had in mind to make for the little guy.

Ebay has been really good to me this month. The little man and I have been at the post office about every other day. Downsizing feels great and may just pay for Christmas. 

My shipping partner hard at work.

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