Friday, December 15, 2017

Crap-tastic goose shelter

We had a lot of snow this week and I was feeling bad that the geese didn't have a designated shelter. There's tons of brush for them to snug up in and the old A-frame coop but I worried that they were cold. Yep, sitting out there with lots of fat and tiny down jackets I would lie awake at night and worry about the geese. Everything I've read said they won't use a shelter and the woman I bought straw off of this week said hers won't even go in the barn but I still worried. Possessing no carpentry skills I took some old feed sacks and the staple gun outside this week and completed a magnificent display of craftsmanship henceforth known as the crap-tastic goose shelter. 

It's just feedsacks closing in part of the underside of the coop.


They investigated mid-project.

Added another panel to the back after shooing everyone out.

The verdict? After the initial excitement wore off... Yeah... I haven't seen anyone but chickens in there. Oh well. At least they have it if they want it.

I do love these birds. I think I have two geese and a gander. The geese are still sweet to me and the gander ignores me. So far.  Secretly hoping for some goslings come spring!

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