Sunday, December 3, 2017

Game Camera Snaps

Here are some fun pictures taken with our game camera over the last two weeks.  It's hunting season here, and although we own 5 acres I can't hunt on it because all of our neighbors live so close (plus Johnny Law lives right down the street). The property is heavy with trees and brush and the deer seem to use it as a refuge during this time.  For someone with a hunting license, it's pretty frustrating to yell "HEY! Yeah, YOU!" like a crazy lady at a group of fat does twenty feet away I can do nothing about.  They're so used to me they just stand there and blink, then go back to what they were doing.  Anyway, here's a bit of who's been hanging around.   Please ignore the date and time stamps on the photos; both of those functions seem to be broken.  Can't complain too much because it's been out in all types of weather for about three years now and still takes photos.

This guy needs to get himself on our grill.

Another little buck.


Hello, raccoon. 

Our three-legged doe and her little ones.

I think this is one of them in the day time.

We get lots of pictures of devil bunnies at night. They're everywhere.

 I love our game camera.  You can see more pictures taken with it here (fox), here (hawks & coyote), and here (poultry, loose dog & deer).  It's a really awesome way of keeping track of what's out there when I'm not. Cannot recommend  them enough.

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