Sunday, August 27, 2017

Jamie Oliver signed book?

Ok, this is nuts.  Yesterday I went into town while the little guy was napping (under the watch of my husband, not the cats - you're welcome).  Along the way I decided to stop at a little consignment shop I hadn't been to in months because they stock a lot of enamelware and I'm looking for some coffee mugs. I didn't find the coffee mugs, but I did find this book, which I didn't have in my collection - in fact, hadn't even seen it before.  It was originally priced at $3.99 but had sat there long enough that it had been reduced to $2.30.

$2.30. Tax included. Crazy.

I got it home and left it on the kitchen table.  My husband said "Where on earth did you get that?" when he saw it because we live pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

I didn't get a chance to open it until later that night but when I did, I found this:

Come on. Really?  We think it might actually be legitimate because it *looks* like the marker bled through to the back of the page.

Looking through it further I started to get the distinct feeling that I had been here before.  Went to the cookbook shelf and pulled out this Jamie Oliver book:

Compared them:

Hmm. Yeah.  Maybe I have the UK version along with the US one?

"The Blogger" tells me that I have a lot of visitors from Europe (thanks, Kev!). Does anyone own this book?  The "Jamie Does" one?  Is there a printed signature inside or did I snowballs-chance-in-hell luck upon an autographed one? For less that the price of a coffee?  In which case, I look upward and say " Thank you, mom". Seems like the kind of thing she would do.


  1. It's a book I haven't got unfortunately. But those pages are normally left blank, so I should say that it's a signed copy.